In our communal rooms your cats can mix and mingle with other felines, and retreat to allocated quarters for eating and sleeping. The stables and apartments are available for cats from the same families or cats who don't want to share.

  • Large, peaceful, and spacious with open flow between  indoor and outdoor furnished play areas

    • open and airy for hot summer days

    • indoors heated and insulated for cooler months

  • The sunny protected outdoor patio area overlooks park-like gardens

  • Aviary for entertainment

  • Large individual bedtime quarters – our sleeping area exceeds the regulations in size, and when we are able to we provide our guests with a double space to stretch their legs even further

    • each guest is provided with their own bed and fleece blanket

    • personal litter tray (monitored)

    • food and water bowl (monitored)

    • Multiple cats can be kept together (2-4 cats ask for our apartments)

    • Medications are monitored and administered on request

    • All cats must hold a current yearly vaccination certificate; proof will be required on
      drop off

    • All cats must have undergone a  flea and worm treatment within the last 7 days

    • If your cat has special dietary requirements please bring this along 

    • Veterinary care will be sought if your cat's health is at risk

    • Every care will be taken, but we cannot accept responsibility for unexpected illness,
      injury or loss

    • Eftpos and cash only facilities. SORRY WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS.


47 Wiroa Road, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands.

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